June 21, 2024

This is Valentino by Alessandro Michele

Alessandro Michele’s appointment as the new creative director of Valentino marks a significant shift into a new direction for the iconic fashion house. Known for his transformative impact on Gucci, Michele brings his eclectic and maximalist aesthetic to Valentino, promising a fresh interpretation of the brand’s heritage.

Michele’s creative vision is blending Valentino’s classical elegance with the flair for romantic and whimsical designs he is known for. As the creative director only joined the Maison in March, an announcement was made, that there will be no show for this season. Nonetheless, towards the end of this Milan Fashion Week, Valentino has released Michele’s first collection. And what a debut! From his first collection back at Gucci, Fall / Winter 2015, when he created a full collection of 45 looks within two weeks, he already proved to the world his ability to not only serve quality but as well quantity in a limited timeframe. Now, nine years later, he reminded us again of this ability! With 171 looks Michele offers a large range giving insight into his interpretation of Valentino’s classical elegance mixed with his own flair for romantic and whimsical designs. It was a highly anticipated collection, as Michele was said to delve into Valentino’s archives to reinterpret its rich cultural and symbolic heritage through his unique lens, and it truly did not disappoint.

Michele’s previous work at Gucci, where he nearly tripled the brand’s revenues and redefined its image, demonstrates his ability to bring new perspectives and exploring unprecedented directions to a fashion house while honoring its legacy. His partnership with Valentino’s CEO Jacopo Venturini, with whom he previously worked at Gucci, is expected to foster a harmonious and innovative environment at Valentino.

In summary, Michele’s arrival at Valentino is poised to usher in a period of creative renewal and excitement, blending the storied elegance of Valentino with his signature eclecticism and intellectual approach to fashion.