Data Privacy

  1. Introduction

The present data protection declaration of ROCHESTEIN GmbH (hereinafter “Numéro Switzerland”) informs you as a subscriber and user of our magazine “Numéro Switzerland” and “Numéro Homme Switzerland”, our website, and and the newsletter of “Numéro Switzerland” (hereinafter “offers”) about the procurement and processing of your data (both personal data and non-personal data; hereinafter together also “data”). We also inform you about the duration of the processing of your data, the legal basis for the processing – if such should be necessary – and what rights you have with regard to the processing of your personal data. This privacy policy applies to all your data that we already have or that we will have in the future.


Please read this privacy policy carefully. Terms such as “we”, “us”, “our”, etc. refer to ROCHESTEIN GmbH. Terms such as “you”, “your”, “your”, etc. refer to you as a subscriber and user of the “Numéro Switzerland” offers. If you do not agree with the privacy policy, you should refrain from using or


  1. Responsible body

Responsible for the data processing under this privacy policy is ROCHESTEIN GmbH, Paulistrasse 60, 8834 Schindellegi, Schwyz, Switzerland. For concerns and inquiries in connection with data protection, please contact our internal data protection office, reachable at


  1. Personal data and proper treatment


3.1 Data origin

When using our offers and in contact with “Numéro Switzerland”, e.g. when visiting our website, when using another of our digital services, when concluding a contract, when registering for a user account, or in contact with our employees, we collect certain data. 3.2 What is personal data?The term “personal data” used here includes all information that is or can be assigned to you as a user of the offers of “Numéro Switzerland.” Regardless of whether these were entered by you or collected from you or we have received them in any other way.


However, the term “personal data” within the meaning of this data protection declaration does not include the personal data that is entered by yourself and managed by you (hereinafter also “customer data”). Such customer data is therefore not the subject of this privacy policy. If you provide us with personal data of other persons (e.g. email, name, etc.), please make sure that these persons are aware of this privacy policy and only provide us with their personal data if you are entitled to do so by applicable data protection law.


3.3 The proper treatment of personal data


“Numéro Switzerland” is responsible for monitoring all your personal data. This affects the data that we collect, process, and use in connection with the use of the offers of “Numéro Switzerland” by you or in any other way.


However, we are not responsible for monitoring customer data. We collect, process, and use customer data exclusively in the capacity of a data processor on behalf of the respective user and under the applicable Swiss data protection laws.


If you use our offers, we also assume that you are the sole responsible body concerning personal data in the areas you manage concerning “Numéro Switzerland” within the meaning of data protection law. You are therefore responsible for the legality of the collection, processing, and use of customer data under the statutory provisions. You thus ensure that you are entitled to commission “Numéro Switzerland” and the transmission of customer data to “Numéro Switzerland” as an order data processor in this context. The provisions on order data processing can be found under section 9.


3.4 Our handling of your data (processing purpose)


We collect, process, and use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • To manage, operate, maintain, and improve the offers of “Numéro Switzerland”;
  • To assess your eligibility for certain types of offers;
  • To support the improvement and personalization of our services;
  • For analysis and research of customer behaviour;
  • To answer your inquiries in connection with the offers of the “Numéro Switzerland”;
  • To communicate with you about other matters; for example, sending confirmations, reminders, or information about our offers;
  • To comply with legal obligations; to counteract the illegal use of our offers; to resolve disputes and enforce our contractual agreements;
  • For other purposes to which you have agreed in individual cases;
  • In any other way within the framework of the applicable legal provisions.


If required by law, we ask for your consent before collecting, processing, and using your personal data for the aforementioned purposes. If we would like to use your personal data for another purpose, we will also inform you of this. We only do this if it is required and permissible within the scope of the applicable legal regulations or if you have given your consent.


For the above purposes, only “Numéro Switzerland” and its third-party service providers have access to your personal data.


To use our offers, you may have to provide certain personal data that are necessary or required by law for the commencement and processing of the contractual relationship and the fulfillment of the associated contractual obligations. Without this data, the majority of us will not be able to conclude the contract and execute it. It is also necessary to log access to our digital services and the associated collection of connection data (such as the IP address). This takes place automatically during use and cannot be turned off for individual users. So if you do not agree with the collection of such data, you should refrain from using our offers.


Should “Numéro Switzerland” change its structure and carry out a merger, acquisition, division, or liquidation (“transaction”) or carry out the sale of shares or assets, your data may be passed on or disclosed to such a transaction or when evaluating such a transaction (including declarations of intent and/or due diligence) by “Numéro Switzerland” to or transferred to an acquiring company. Such disclosure or transfer will in any case be secured by contracts or agreements in such a way that your data will be used per the applicable laws.


3.5 Types of data collection and categories


Personal data that we collect, process, and use does not only include information that we actively collect as you interact with us. It also concerns information that you voluntarily provide to us on various occasions via our offers. As a result, it is not possible to create a complete list of all types of personal data. In general, they include the following information:


  • Data that is disclosed to us when registering for our offers, e.g. surname, first name, contact details, date of birth, access data such as user name and password – encrypted stored, information on advertising, opt-ins and opt-outs, etc.;
  • Data regarding offers and concluded contracts, e.g. contract date, type, content, product, parties, duration, value, adjustments, payment details, contact details, billing and correspondence addresses, customer feedback, terminations, disputes, etc.;
  • Data determined or provided by registered and unregistered users when using our services. These include, among other things, the IP and MAC address or Device ID of the device used, cookies, pages accessed by users and entered search terms, input dialog boxes, calendar entries, ratings, time and duration of visits, clicks, reactions to our offers, referent/exit URL, information on the time of use, the browser and device type as well as the operating system and Internet service provider used, amount of data transmitted. We may merge personal data from one of our services with data from another service;
  • Data exchanged in or concerning the contact with us, e.g. communication by

letter, telephone, e-mail, text and image messages (SMS/MMS), video messages or instant messaging, reactions to communication and offers, preferred communication channels, etc.;

  • Certain offers can collect and store location-related data when the geolocation function of the device used is activated;
  • Data that third parties with whom we have business relationships provide to us, e.g. directory entries, address databases, mutations of database entries, creditworthiness data, etc.;
  • Data that you or third parties disclose when participating in sweepstakes, surveys, and the like;
  • Data from public sources, e.g. commercial register entries, other telephone directories, etc.
  1. Our handling of technologies


4.1 Use of app cookies


We use various common technologies to collect, store, and evaluate data when you use our services. This includes, in particular, cookies that can be used to identify your browser or device. Cookies are small text files placed in your browser directory. When a website is accessed, a cookie placed on a device sends information to the browser. Cookies are very common and are used on a variety of websites. In addition to so- called session cookies, which are automatically deleted after visiting our services, we also use temporary and permanent cookies, which remain stored on your computer or mobile device for longer. The purpose of these cookies is to improve the performance of the website and the user experience. However, cookies can also be used for advertising purposes. You can change your cookie settings or refuse to accept cookies completely. This is how you limit the amount of personal data we receive. However, please keep in mind that you may not benefit from some functions and features of our offers or perhaps even not be able to use the solution depending on the setting.


4.2 How to remove cookiesIt is possible to deactivate all or individual cookies in the browser. Here you will find instructions on how to manage your cookies on various platforms.

Please note that disabling cookies may affect the functionality of our services. Incidentally, we provide our users with OneTrust, a tool with which you can make individual settings concerning cookies.


4.3 Cookies and Technologies Used


In addition to cookies, we may also use other technologies (e.g. pixels, web beacons, tags, advertising IDs) to analyze the use of our services, to personalize our services, and to display offers and advertising tailored to you. When sending newsletters and e- mails, for example, we can use technologies that allow us to analyze which content is interesting for our users and whether, when, and how you react to our offers (e.g. by downloading images in an e-mail, clicking on URLs in an e-mail or on a website, filling out form data, etc.). We assume that by using such functions, you consent to the use of appropriate technologies.


Finally, we use various common web analysis and tracking tools to measure and evaluate the use of our services. Such tools, which are usually provided by third parties, provide us with information and statistics about the use of our services that help us to better understand the use of our services and adapt it according to user needs.


4.4 Use of social media plugins and integration of third-party offers


We integrate plugins of social networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Dailymotion) into our services. These plugins make it easier to share content on these platforms.


When visiting our offers, which contain such plugins, a connection to the server of the respective provider can be automatically established. Certain data (such as the time of visit to the service, browser type, and IP address) are collected and stored by it. If you have a user account with one of these providers, they can assign this information to your profile. If you also interact with these plugins (e.g. by clicking the “Like” button orby submitting a comment), this information will also be transmitted to this provider, stored there and, if necessary, published. When using a social login service (e.g. Facebook Connect), the provider can provide us with personal data such as name, e- mail address, and profile picture that are stored with him about you.


Please note that their terms of use and data protection apply to the data processing of these third parties.


  1. Publication and forwarding of data


5.1 Forwarding of personal data


We may commission third parties to provide certain services, e.g. in the field of IT, operation of applications, administration, printing, shipping, etc. and to process and store data (so-called “order data processor”). Order data processors can have access to personal data and process it on our behalf. In doing so, we oblige the processors to comply with data protection law and to process data only in the way we do ourselves. Contract data processors who can receive personal data can be located in any country, in particular in Switzerland, in countries of the EU and the EEA, or the USA, and Canada. We take into account the recommendations and information of the National Data Protection Commissioner, Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPI).

We do not sell your personal data, do not trade with it, do not rent it. Any communication of personal data takes place in strict compliance with the applicable legal regulations.

Possible recipients of your personal data are listed below (not exhaustively):

  • Third-party service providers
  • Courts, enforcement, and supervisory authorities

We share personal data if we believe this is necessary to comply with the laws or security of our website or third parties in case of protection against fraud.


  1. Protection of your personal data


6.1 What do we do to protect you?


“Numéro Switzerland” is aware of the importance of data security and data protection. That is why we have made the use of our offers as safe as possible. We have put in set position appropriate safety precautions. This includes technical, and organizational measures against unauthorized access, improper use, alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction as well as accidental loss, both online and offline.If personal data that is not public anyway is transferred to a country without adequate data protection, we ensure adequate data protection by using sufficient contractual guarantees, in particular, based on the EU standard contractual clauses, Binding Corporate Rules, or we rely on the exception of consent, the execution of the contract, the establishment, exercise or enforcement of legal claims, overriding public interests or because it is necessary to protect the integrity of a data subject. Where the applicable data protection law provides for this, you can obtain a copy of the contractual guarantees concerning your personal data at or find out where such a copy can be obtained.

We reserve the right to blacken such copies for data protection reasons or for reasons of confidentiality. In addition, we must point out that despite all our efforts to protect your personal data from possible risks and dangers, there is no absolute security on the Internet.

Therefore, we ask you to support our IT security efforts and not to disclose sensitive or, in a specific case, unnecessary data. In addition, you can help us protect your personal data by logging out when you leave an area protected by user login.


6.2 Retention of your data


We store personal data as long as it is necessary for the purpose for which we collected it. Individual personal data is also subject to legally binding retention obligations of ten or more years, which we must comply with. We may also store personal data for at least the duration of the applicable limitation periods, which is usually five or ten years. Personal data that arise in connection with the use of our offers (e.g. logs, logs, analyses, etc.) and that are not subject to such retention or limitation periods, we usually delete earlier as soon as we are no longer interested in processing. Data can also be stored longer in an anonymous form. Subject to an express contractual  agreement, we are not obliged to you to retain data for a certain period.


  1. Sending emails to you, links to other websites


7.1 Retention of your data


We can send you emails for various reasons, for example:

  • You have ordered offers of the “Numéro Switzerland” or registered or registered

online for offers of the “Numéro Switzerland” and thus receive notifications about

orders, registrations, registrations, etc.;

  • We will contact you regarding a request made to us;
  • We would like to send you important information, such as updates, data protection notices, warnings, etc.;
  • You have subscribed to our newsletter and/or subscribed to receive other marketing information.


  1. Your rights in connection with personal data


You have the right to receive information free of charge about the personal data stored by us about you upon request. In addition, you have the right to correct incorrect data and the right to delete your personal data, insofar as this does not conflict with a legal retention obligation or permission that allows us to process the data. The exercise of such rights usually requires that the person concerned can prove his or her identity. If the processing of personal data is based on consent, the consent can be revoked by you as the data subject at any time. In countries of the EU or the EEA, you have the right in certain cases to receive the data generated when using online services in a structured, common, and machine-readable format, which enables further use and transmission.

Inquiries in connection with these rights should be addressed to (see section 2) above. We reserve the right to restrict your rights within the scope of the applicable law and, for example, not to provide complete information or not to delete data. We also draw your attention to the fact that by deleting your personal data, our offers are no longer available or can be used in whole or in part. Every data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with the competent data protection authority. In the case of a person responsible in Switzerland, this is the Federal Data Protection and Public Relations Commissioner (