June 1, 2024

Numéro+ Switzerland First Photography Contest “What Inspires You?”

Two and a half months ago, mid-March, we announced our first photography contest under the topic “What Inspires You” with the aim to highlight and support artists from all around the world, that have an eye for that special twist. Over this period, we have received thousands of projects, with thousands of incredibly talented creatives behind them. After having reviewed every single one, our jury has voted for the three projects that stood out the most to them in regards of skill, thoughtfulness and aesthetic. Furthermore, the jury has chosen a fourth place for a project that has specially translated the topic for a social cause, through the lens of a camera.

With great pleasure we present to you the winner of our first photography contest. It is a project that lets us explore the hidden, the magical and the taboos the world has to offer.

This project is called “Para tú altar: Las fuerzas divinas de la naturaleza” (for your altar: The divine forces of nature) shot by Victoria Ruiz. Paying homage to her Venezuelan roots, the photographer fused her work with a powerful political connotation of resistance and hope. Celebrating nature and exploring the inherent duality in many indigenous cultures of Latin America, this photo series sets a statement.

Victoria Ruiz

The second place goes to the Brazilian photographer Rafael Dardes and his project “Identitatem”. The artist is characterized through his scientific approach on photography, whereas the search for human identity is the focus point. He is playing with complementary elements in order to showcase the dueling duality between two concepts of the Human Identity. Inspired by two quotes, one of an artist and the other one by a sociologist, Rafael Dardes created a study in form of aesthetic images that illustrate these concepts, which are the work that awarded him with the second place of the first Numéro+ Switzerland Photography Contest.

Rafael Dardes

Conceptualizing the relationship between humans and nature, the third place of this contest goes to the Italian photographer Giuseppe La Spada. With his work he aims to raise awareness of environmental issues. This specific project is devoted to the water issues we are facing on our planet, while playing with the relationship of sustainability and spirituality, which, in a way, go hand in hand.

Giuseppe La Spada

Finally, our fourth place goes to Mohammad Rakibul Hasan from Bangladesh. Through the lens of his camera, he captured the narrative of Gabura, a union of the Satkhira district in Bangladesh. It is a narrative about the conditions the Cycone “Aila” from 2009 left the region in, highlighting the consequences on the residents’ daily life, health and sorrows. Topics that pose a challenge every day of their lives. Through this editorial we get to see a glimpse of all that, translated through the beauty of people coming together, performing daily tasks surrounded by water, as their friend and enemy.

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

This contest brought together many creatives from all around the world, to create something that is very personal and inspiring. Our four winners did not only give us a perspective into their world vision, but they made us think and reflect.

Overall, we feel honored by the amount of people that submitted their projects and are happy to continue this project in the future to celebrate the work of these incredibly talented creatives!