June 12, 2024

FIRST PLACE: Numéro+ Switzerland First Photography Contest “What Inspires You?”

We are proud to present the winner of the first photography competition, “What Inspires You?” organised by Numéro+ Switzerland, an initiative to highlight and support contemporary artists. On this occasion, the competition theme invited participants to explore the concept of inspiration in its broadest sense, evaluating the aesthetic quality and originality, message, and discourse conveyed through the visual medium.

After a rigorous selection process that involved thousands of projects and a democratic voting system, we are delighted to announce the winner of the first edition of Numéro+ Switzerland. Victoria Ruiz, a talented Venezuelan photographer based in London, emerged as the winner with her project, ‘PARA TÚ ALTAR: LAS FUERZAS DIVINAS DE LA NATURALEZA’ (FOR YOUR ALTAR: THE DIVINE FORCES OF NATURE). Her work captured the attention and unanimous recognition of the jury.

Victoria, deeply rooted in her Latin American heritage, pays homage to her heritage and infuses her work with a powerful political connotation of resistance and hope. Her worldview, reflecting the otherness,’ invites us to explore the hidden, the magical, and the taboo, thus challenging the dominant Eurocentric vision. In her project, she presents us with an alternative worldview centred on the sacred connection with nature and the divine power that transcends through the saints. Her work is a powerful testament to the cultural and political diversity of our world.

“PARA TÚ ALTAR: LAS FUERZAS DIVINAS DE LA NATURALEZA” (FOR YOUR ALTAR: THE DIVINE FORCES OF NATURE) celebrates nature and explores the inherent duality in many indigenous cultures of Latin America. Through vibrant and symbolic images, she reveals a perfect balance between light and darkness, the conscious and the subconscious, offering a poetic and profound vision of other realities.

Victoria Ruiz’s photography stands out not only for its aesthetic and visual quality but also for its ability to present a provocative and moving narrative to the world. Her work invites us to reflect on the complexity and beauty of the human experience, and we are delighted to share her talent with our readers.