May 27, 2024

The Influence of Spanish culture on Louis Vuitton

Barcelona, Spain – In late February Louis Vuitton has announced their upcoming collaboration with the city of Barcelona that includes a variety of events including their Cruise 2025 fashion show. On May 23rd said day has come and the brand presented their latest collection, focusing on the art of travelling.

When thinking of travelling we imagine exotic places, different cultures, colors and aesthetics. With their latest show Louis Vuitton wanted to embrace these factors and implement Spain’s enriching characters into the general atmosphere of not only the designs but the show. Looking at the location, the brand has chosen to show their work in the famous Park Güell, established in 1914 by the architect Antoni Gaudí. The landmark is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and embeds the idea of legacy, which is a factor that is as well part of the fashion house’s DNA. Working with set designer James Chinlund, it was aimed to let the character and history of the park speak on its own. In order to transform it into a show space the set designer added seats that follow the contours of the space, making them seem to be part of the architecture.

Continuing with the approach applied on the space, the clothes and accessories are a seamless merge between the brand’s aesthetic and the Spanish culture. References to traditional Spanish clothing such as the “Traje de Gitana”, the Spanish breeches or the sombreros cordobeses. While the references are quite subtle, they add to the modern designs of Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière a new touch that truly translates the art of travelling.

Look 23 with references to the traditional Spanish “Traje de Gitana”.

Look 56 taking references from Spanish breeches.

Look 1 opening the show with Louis Vuitton’s interpretation of the traditional sombrero cordobeses.

Look 27 with another reference to the traditional Spanish “Traje de Gitana”.

All in all, the brand succeeded once again to create a show that does not only showcase the brand’s modern approach on fashion, lifestyle and travel, but they managed as well to pay homage to heritage. Heritage that forms an important part of the brand’s DNA but as well heritage of the city of Barcelona and its culture. By honoring these factors, the clothing as well as the Park Güell have been shown in a new light.

photographer empty set ROMAIN LAPRADE

photographer looks GIOVANNI GIANNONI