June 10, 2024

Berlin Adventure : 24 Hours with Swiss Model Ronja Furrer

Berlin, Germany – Ronja Furrer, the Swiss supermodel who has graced the runways of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses and is a favorite of CHANEL and Ralph Lauren, attended the exclusive event for the launch of Chanel N°5 L’EAU Drop in Berlin. At Numéro Switzerland, we had the opportunity to accompany her at this extraordinary event.

Born in the small town of Lüterkofen, Ronja entered one of the most prestigious modeling competitions in Switzerland, Elite Model Look Switzerland, at the age of fourteen, and since then her career has skyrocketed.

Walking in the most important fashion weeks, both in New York and in Europe, and signing contracts with luxury giants, Ronja Furrer quickly positioned herself at the top of the fashion industry, thanks to her effort, charisma, and impeccable professionalism.

After an eight-hour flight, the top model arrived in the heart of Berlin’s coolest neighborhood, Mitte, to stay at one of the most exclusive hotels, the Chateau Royal, where she would spend her stay on this whirlwind trip.

Following a restful night, the next morning at the Chateau’s restaurant, over a matcha latte, we had the privilege of getting to know her and delving into her successful career and future prospects. Ronja, with a strong personality and unparalleled kindness, confessed that she feels in a privileged moment of her professional life: “I am grateful to be at a point in my career where I decide which jobs to take and which not to. Today, I can choose quality over quantity.”

This conversation led us to touch on one of the topics of the moment: social media. Despite having great visibility on her digital platforms, Ronja expressed that she does not see herself as an influencer. For her, it is just another part of her job, but she prefers to stay disconnected from social media and live a life away from the exhausting algorithm. Down-to-earth and simple, she enjoys both the chaotic life of the Big Apple and the tranquility and nature of her homeland.

Almost without realizing it, hours evaporated in a fascinating discussion about the world of fashion and art. We took a brief break to enjoy the fabulous food with vegetarian and healthy options from the hotel restaurant.

After the delicious meal we shared, we continued talking about her future. One of her most important and challenging projects is her Model Management based in Switzerland, “The Kinship” co-founded with her friend Jenny Bachmann. The top model focuses on continuing to work in the industry from another perspective. Altruistic by vocation, she supports new talents to grow in this field. Exclusively, the model told us: “We intend to select only few models for our management because my co-founder and I decided to have organic growth and be able to give special attention to each talent, supporting them emotionally and psychologically in this competitive career.”

That same afternoon, the long-awaited event arrived. Ronja, in a spectacular coffee-colored CHANEL ensemble, captivated all eyes at the launch of one of the most iconic perfumes, CHANEL N°5 L’EAU Drop. At this unprecedented event, we had the privilege of exploring the colossal installation created by CHANEL with the top model, where we immersed ourselves in the different interactive rooms to explore the fantastic world of the Maison’s fragrances.

As the sun set, we headed to one of Berlin’s classic restaurants, Borchardt, where the night ended almost like a fairy tale with a resounding toast among all the guests at this grand event.

exclusive looks by CHANEL

photographer JVDAS BERRA