June 3, 2024

Balenciaga goes Up and Above

Shanghai, China – On May 30th, 2024, BALENCIAGA hosted for the first time a fashion show in Shanghai, and what a debut it was! In Swiss German, we say “obä usä,” meaning loosely translated “out at the top,” which is literally what describes best this debut. Held at night at the Museum of Art Pudong, the venue offered a stunning view of Shanghai’s iconic skyline.

The collection featured a range of items from oversized sweaters and tight sports trousers paired with chunky boots to well-fitted silky dresses, an elegantly draped golden foil dress, and large couture-like dresses made from recycled materials, giving a feather-like effect, representing the best BALENCIAGA has to offer. One item that was present across the variation of clothing, were the shoes, and they surely are and will be an eye catcher! With platform soles on boots and sneakers elevating the designs—and the wearers—quite literally to new heights. The luxury house stayed true to its signature style by exaggerating shapes, proportions, and materials while incorporating a touch of the host country’s aesthetic.

Look 01.

Look 54.

Look 14.

Look 58.

Besides the breathtaking visuals, BALENCIAGA had a variety of exclusives up their sleeves! A collaboration with the American sports brand Under Armour featured in the show is now available online and in selected Balenciaga stores, following the “see now, buy now” principle. This collection includes eight pieces, such as oversized T-shirts, baseball caps, and baggy sweatpants, blending Under Armour’s technical expertise with Balenciaga’s savoir-faire.

The second collaboration resulted in an oversized washed black T-shirt with Alipay, the world’s leading digital payment and lifestyle service platform.

Set in collaboration with Under Armour.

Oversized t-shirt in collaboration with Alipay.

To round the all-around BALENCIAGA in China universe off, a series of unique foods was created in collaboration with a revered Shanghainese institution called Nu Xiang Mu Dou. This includes a steamed vegan xiao long bao (steamed bun) filled with black truffle, wrapped in delicate tinted grey skin, and served in a custom stacked steamer made of warped bamboo. Additionally, a win-win cake, a local specialty symbolizing good fortune and joyous celebration, was customized with the BALENCIAGA double-B logo and presented in a special packaging that resembles a Balenciaga store shopper. The delicacies are available in limited quantity at the Nu Xiang Mu Dou restaurant and online.

Xiao long bao (steamed bun) in collaboration with Nu Xiang Mu Dou.

Win-win cake in collaboration with Nu Xiang Mu Dou.

Overall, Balenciaga’s Shanghai debut was exceptional, not only in terms of the proportions or heights of the new shoes but also as a multisensory experience that allowed attendees to engage with the brand through all five senses.