March 3, 2024

A Walk in The Mysterious Garden

Walking through the garden in spring is especially pleasant and exciting. With the awakening of nature, our desire to live and create also awakens. This spring’s olfactory wardrobe is filled with the scent of flowers and nature. The decorations for shooting the bottles were the ancient orangeries, fountains and mascarons of Auguste Rodin – a mysterious garden and captivating perfumes. Now the choice is yours: which notes will complement your look and become an integral part of the new season.

New Look by Christian Dior is unisex eau de parfum full of contrast, a radical silhouette, an olfactory shock born of a bold creative approach that pushes the traditional boundaries of the amber fragrance. New Look has a unique freshness that is immediately compelling, an overabundance of aldehydes combined with the facets of a mysterious frankincense before stretching out into amber nuances: an astonishing, sensual, and enveloping skin-to-skin scent. The perfumer is Francis Kurkdjian.

Zafferano by Acqua di Parma. The warm and dry notes of saffron are distilled and combined with luminous notes of Italian golden fruits. The essence of an intimate, never ostentatious luxury that can only be fully appreciated and understood by those who know their history. A touch of flowers shines through the essential oils of orange blossom, jasmine, and geranium. The woody and amber notes of tonka beans and vanilla soften the dusky accents of saffron, creating an intriguing and unexpected harmony. The perfumer is Neil Capstick.

Chandigarh Express by Ex Nihilo is a new addition to the BABYLONE Collection inspired by the utopian dream of French architect Le Corbusier. Chandigarh Express is a journey through secular traditions and modernity. An immersion into a wide palette of exotic colours, textures and smells: cardamom, davana, jasmine, patchouli, vetiver, and benzoin. The sublimated contrast of an oasis of vegetation and concrete, a fantasized creation with Leathery facets. The perfumer is Gaël Montero.

Encelade by Marc-Antoine Barrois is a fresh jungle on the side of a volcano, a powerful and captivating perfume. Main accord of rhubarb, cedar and vetiver express the smell of Earth, sap, lush nature. Green and woody notes which comes to mingle with the crash of smoked and animal leather. Milky sandal wood and tonka bean add sensuality and addiction to the skin. Pure seduction of a perfume conveying a wild magnetism. The perfumer is Quentin Bisch.

L’Intredit by Givenchy. With its forbidden blend of white flowers and a dark accord, this eau de parfum is a resolutely underground flower. It unveils a sensual bouquet of orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose. In contrast, earthy dark tones emanate from vetiver and patchouli to create a daringly addictive and sensual fragrance. Experience the thrill of the forbidden with L’Interdit, a fragrance that invites you to defy convention and embrace your singularity. The perfumers are Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo, Fanny Bal.